A tattoo shop is a studio where artists inspire each other, hone their skills and grow together. If you are looking for an environment where you can focus on your tattooing, work with talented colleagues and continue mastering your artistic style, visit us at Oyabun Tattoo.
Our Oyabun family values passion, hard work and the desire to achieve one’s best. We want to work alongside dedicated artists who will push each other to grow, ultimately helping all of us reach the top. Oyabun Tattoo is equipped with industry-leading facilities to provide you with a comfortable work environment.

      • Has more than 5 years experience
      • Has specific Genre and style
      • Portfolio / instagram



Looking for a chance to showcase your unique tattoo style to the folks of San Diego? Oyabun Tattoo is the place to introduce new styles of work to the area, while providing opportunities for guests artists and Oyabun artists to learn from each other. We welcome guest visits by talented artists at any time.

      • Has specific Genre and style
      • Portfolio / instagram
* We ask that local artists in the GREATER San Diego area respectfully refrain from guest work.



We have apprenticeship openings for those who are ready to become a professional tattoo artist and pursue the craft as a successful career. If you are a conscientious person, have some artistic talent and are ready to devote all of your time and effort to tattooing, don’t hesitate to knock on our door.

      • Drawing portfolio / instagram
      • Full time Apprentice