Meet Yushi,
A gutsy young Korean artist who was apprenticed in the historic form of Japanese tattoo, Irezumi,
now keeps the flame of its traditional spirit burning in the coast of Pacific Ocean, San Diego.
The story behind his tattoo Odyssey is quite compelling.

Before heading to Japan in 1999, the birthplace of its ancient art form,
Yushi knew exactly what he was looking for: A profound apprenticeship.
Over the years, he gained a deep understanding of all the intricate techniques and traditional rules involved in the art of Irezumi.

Yet, he was still left thirsty for more.
Yushi was unafraid to go on a rough journey to find the balance between following
the rules and purposefully ‘breaking’ them to allow his own style to come out.

In order to keep the traditional spirit alive, he thought, the artist must offer a distinct point of
view derived from his personal life, allowing room for modern twists.

In search of a perfect place to fulfill his newly found artistic potential,
he relocated to Southern California, where the tattoo culture is ever so unique and robust.

  • In 2020, he established Oyabun Tattoo in the heart of San Diego, where he is living his artistic dream as a Japanese tattoo master…while enjoying the golden sunset and crashing waves.